Combat Grounds User Guide  

Table of Contents

1 - Introduction
     1.1 - Overview
     1.2 - Prizes at the end of a round
     1.3 - Getting Started
     1.4 - Quick Start

2 - Layout
     2.1 - Horizontal menu
     2.2 - Control Panel
     2.3 - Stats table

3 - Actions
     3.1 - Attack
     3.2 - Raise funds
     3.3 - Battlefield
     3.4 - Nuke country
     3.5 - Hire spies

4 - Manage troops
     4.1 - Recruit
     4.2 - Training
     4.3 - Home leave

5 - Missions

6 - Subscribe

7 - Shop

8 - Military grades

9 - Casino
     9.1 - Roll Dice
     9.2 - Russian roulette

10 - Bank

11 - Crews
     11.1 - Joining a crew
     11.2 - Creating a crew
     11.3 - Crew Bosses

12 - Medals

13 - Game rules

14 - Support




1 - Inroduction

1.1 - Overview

Combat Grounds is a free, strategic Role-Play Game that you can play daily using only your web browser. The game is text based and very simple to play.
In Combat Grounds, the objective is to develop your character by building your army, gaining power and money. You can choose to be a Navy seal, a Soldier or a Terrorist.
Players are ranked according to their net worth. The net worth depends on the recruits, recruits' strength, money and weapons of the character.
Combat Grounds is played in rounds of 10 days. At the end of each round, the winners are given prizes.
If you have any suggestions or find any errors in the game, please report them to the administrators by sending a support ticket (Support link under the control panel) or an E-mail to the admin.

1.2 - Prizes at the end of a round

At the end of each round, prizes are given to best players and best crews. The players who have the greatest number of points are called "the combatgrounds legends".

Top players
Rank# 1 Ultimate Medal and 25 points
Rank# 2 Medal of Honor and 16 points
Rank# 3 War Hero Medal and 12 points
Rank# 4 Elite Medal and 10 points
Rank# 5 Veteran's Medal and 8 points

Top supporters
Rank# 1 Cash prize and 15,000 turns
Rank# 2 100,000 turns
Rank# 3 50,000 turns
Rank# 4 25,000 turns
Rank# 5 15,000 turns

Top Free Players
Rank# 1 20,000 turns
Rank# 2 10,000 turns
Rank# 3 7,000 turns
Rank# 4 5,000 turns
Rank# 5 3,000 turns

Top crews
Rank# 1 90,000 turns, Gold Medal and 16 points
Rank# 2 40,000 turns, Silver Medal and 12 points
Rank# 3 15,000 turns, Bronze medal and 8 points


1.3 - Getting Started

You start with 4000 turns, 200 recruits and $50,000,000. There are several strategies to play. When first starting out, you can recruit to enlarge your troops, you can also raise funds and go to the military shop to purchase weapons and gain power. Don't forget to often train and rest your recruits to keep them strong and valuable. When your strength bar level decreases:

  • Your networth and power decrease.
  • You lose more recruits when you get attacked.
  • You collect less money when you perform actions.
  • Some of your troops can even leave you when you send them work.
You should also try to higher your level to get a grade and be able to buy some special weapons. When you feel strong enough, you can attack other players in your range. However, be careful, nobody will let you attack them without revenge: "Domination leads to war". Don't forget to protect your money in the bank since you can lose it if somebody attacks you. Also, try to join a crew or start your own, because you won't be able to survive by yourself.

Turns are required to perform any action in the game: Attack (jump to 3.1 - Attack for more info), Raise funds (jump to 3.2 - Raise funds for more info), Recruit (jump to 4.1 - Recruit for more info), Roll dice (jump to 9.1 - Roll Dice for more info) and so on. The amount of turns you receive is fixed to 15 turns every 10 minutes. However, you can always buy turns with the "buy turns" option or subscribe to VIP to receive 25 turns instead of 15.

Money is required to purchase weapons, train and rest recruits, play in the casino games and Nuke countries. There are several ways to earn more money and recruits:

   >>    You receive 5 recruits and some money every 10 minutes. The amount of money you receive increases with the number of recruits you have and your income bonus (jump to 7- Shop for more info)

   >>    Raise funds (jump to 3.2- Raise funds for more info)

   >>    Gamble money at the casino (jump to 9- Casino for more info).

   >>    You can fight other players and steal their money when you win.

   >>    You can Nuke countries and win money or recruits (jump to 3.4 - Nuke countries for more info).

   >>    You can organize crew raids with the help of your crew members and win some recruits for every member of the crew (jump to 11.3 - Crew Bossess for more info).

   >>    You can dominate a region and exploit its resources (jump to 3.3 - Battlefield for more info).

   >>    Tell your friends about this game by sending your secret link (you have it in the referrals section under MEMBERS). People who signed up using your secret link are called your underlings. You receive 100 recruits a day for each of your underlings having a net worth higher than 7,000 and 50 recruits a day for each of your underlings' underlings.

Note: You will not receive any additional turns every 10 minutes if you already have more than 1500 turns (or 2000 turns if you are a VIP player).

1.4 - Quick Start

  1. Go to the Recruit option to engage troops.
  2. Go to Boot camp to train your recruits, keep in mind that your recruits should be trained and rested properly to stay effective and not start leaving you.
  3. Try to collect money by using one of the actions: raise funds, battlefield (risky), nuke countries, casino.
  4. Train your recruits in boot camp and send them on home leave to rest.
  5. Go to the military shop and buy some weapons to strengthen your army.
  6. Increasing your level is very important, it allows you to buy advantageous weapons and nuke more countries. You increase your level by:
    • Conquering a region or challenging someone in battlefield.
    • Attacking another player successfully.
    • Completing missions.
  7. Do steps 1-5 until you feel strong enough. You can then attack another player in your range, but choose your opponent wisely as he would probably want to take revenge.
  8. Don't forget to protect part of your money in the bank so other players can't steal it if they attack you.
  9. Try to join a crew or make your own because it is hard to survive by yourself.
  10. There are many actions you can do, try them all and enjoy the game!

Survival tip:
Before you decide to attack someone, remember that this will give him the chance to attack you back as many times as he wants. If you get attacked by a stronger player, it is not a good idea to retaliate right away as this would lift the attack limit protection you have. Instead, you should wait till he can't attack you anymore and then rebuild. Once you're stronger, you may want to attack him back (you can do so an unlimited number of times within 24 hours after the last time he attacked you). Section 3.1 explains in more detail how the attack limit protection works.


2 - Layout

2.1 - Horizontal menu

Main Page - This is the main page, here you can login to the game. It contains some game statistics such as the number of players etc...
Headquarter - Here you find statistics about your player, the secret link you can send to your friends to register to the game, the minutes left before you receive extra turns, some cash and recruits. Players who support the game can post messages in the shoutbox.
Rankings - Shows players' rankings, crew rankings and other stats.
Hall of fame - Shows best players in previous rounds.
FAQ - Frequently asked questions
User Guide - It explains how to play the game.
News - Announcements about the game are posted here.

2.2 - Control Panel

The HQ - Click here to go the Headquarter page.
Attack Log - Shows your recent attacks and the attacks on you.
Mail Center - To receive and send messages to other players.

Edit Profile - To change or add information to your profile.
View Profile - Shows information about your character: your weapons, your number of recruits etc...

Attack - To find and attack a player.
Raise funds - To collect money.
Battlefield - To exploit and recruit troops from a region.
Nuke Countries - To nuke a country.

Manage troops
Recruit - To engage recruits in your army.
Training - To train your recruits.
Home leave - To rest your recruits.

Missions - To try to do a mission and get a skill.

Shop - To buy weapons and special items.

Roll Dice - Gamble money and guess the numbers on the two dice.
Russian roulette - Gamble money and guess a number from 1 to 3.

Bank - To deposit/withdraw money.

Buy Turns - To buy turns using Paypal.

Subscribe - Click here if you want to subscribe as a VIP player.

Crew Invites - It appears when you are not in a crew. Here, you can see if someone has invited you to his crew. You can also click on the "create crew" link in this page to make your own crew.
Create Crew - It appears when you are not in a crew. You can make your own crew.
Manage Crew - It appears when you are in a crew: if you are the crew leader you can invite other players to join your crew, assign them a rank, boot a crew member, edit your crew profile or disband the crew. If you are a Rank 1 crew member, you can invite other players to join your crew and assign a rank to crew members.
Crew Bosses - To perform Raids with the help of your crew.
Crew Board - To share information with your crew members.
Crew ads - To find a crew to join or to advertise your own crew.
Crew Bank - To deposit money in the Crew bank.

Online Players - To see which players are online, you can click on their names to go to their profile page.

Support - To send support tickets to the administrators.

Logout - To logout from the game.

2.3 - Stats table

It is at the top of all in-game pages. It shows your important statistics such as your money, net worth, recruits, recruits' strength, the number of turns you have, your level and rank.

3 - Actions

3.1 - Attack

  • Click on "attack" in your control panel.
  • Look for an opponent using one of the search options.
  • Click on the opponent's name which will bring you to his profile page.
  • Click on "attack player". If you've been attacked by that player within the last 24 hours, you will read "attack player to take vengeance!" instead.
  • Choose one of the attack strategies and hit "attack this player!" button.
  • The player who causes the highest damage wins the fight.


  • You can only start attacking players within 25% of your net worth.
  • You cannot attack a player who has suffered more than 70 attacks lost within the last 12 hours unless you have revenge hits on him. When you have revenge hits on someone, you can attack him an unlimited number of times for 24 hours after the last time he attacked you, even if he's not in your power range.
  • If you know the name of the player you want to attack, you can enter it directly in the attack form, pick your strategy and attack the player.

3.2 - Raise funds

This is the safest way to collect money. You have four different ways of raising funds. Before using this option, make sure your troops are well trained and rested to collect more cash and avoid having some of them leave you.

3.3 - Battlefield

If a region is free, you can conquer it and bring in your troops. You can then exploit its resources or recruit massively. The more troops you put, the more you can exploit or recruit.
When a region is controlled by another player, you can challenge him to take control of it.
When you conquer a territory or challenge a player successfully, your level increases.

3.4 - Nuke country

To nuke a country, you need $1,000,000,000 and a certain level. When you Nuke a country you receive money or recruits. You can nuke each country only once a day. The prizes you win are proportional to the number of turns you use and the level you have.

3.5 - Hire spies

If you are a supporter, you can obtain here secret information about your opponents.

4 - Manage troops

4.1 - Recruit

To enlarge your troops and become more powerful. The more turns you use, the more you can recruit.
The number of troops and their training level depends on where you recruit them.

4.2 - Training

To keep your troops ready for the battle, you always need to train them. When your troops are well trained, they are more efficient when taking actions and your net worth is higher.
The recruits' strength bar in the stats table shows you if they are well trained and rested.
Your recruits should receive each type of training to perform at their best. The number of recruits who receive the training increases with the amount of money you pay.

4.3 - Home leave

Your recruits get tired when you do actions. You should send them home to recuperate and come back stronger. The number of recruits you send home increases with the amount of money you pay.

5 - Missions

Every day, you have the opportunity to do some missions. When you complete a mission successfully, your level increases and you are rewarded a great skill that makes your character stronger.
You get to keep a skill for one hour. You can see which skills you have in the "missions" page.

6 - Subscribe

You can subscribe as a VIP player for only $20 a month and get many advantages: 10 extra turns every 10 minutes and support tickets priority.

7 - Shop

You can buy weapons in the military shop. You can only purchase a limited amount of each item. Click on an item to view its description. There are different types of items:

   >>    Attack items: they increase your attack bonus and therefore your damage when you attack.

   >>    Defence items: they increase your defence bonus and the damage you cause when you defend an attack.

   >>    Income items: they increase the amount of money you receive every 10 minutes.

   >>    Special items: The battlefield radar is available for purchase to supporters who reach the rank of general. It allows you to detect attackers in battlefield and lets you escape the territory if you are getting challenged. Each item can save 1,000 troops occupying the territory.

It is up to you to choose what you want to purchase, while some prefer to use an offensive strategy, others would rather adopt a more defensive one.

Note: You can sell your weapons at a lower price if you need cash.

8 - Military grades

Military grades are assigned to players depending on their level and recruits proficiency. Some weapons are available to graded players only.

   >>    To become a Sergeant, you need 40,000 recruits and a level of 2,000. At this point, you can buy Fighter aircrafts.

   >>    To become a Lieutenant, you need 60,000 recruits and a level of 3,500. At this point, you can buy Guided missiles.

   >>    To become a Captain, you need 100,000 recruits and a level of 5,000. At this point, you can buy Submarines.

   >>    To become a Colonel, you need 250,000 recruits and a level of 7,500. At this point, you can buy Neutron bombs.

   >>    To become a General, you need 500,000 recruits and a level of 10,000. At this point, you can buy Smart maps.

9 - Casino

9.1 - Roll Dice

You bet a certain amount of money, and guess a number between 1 and 6 for each die. If you win, you receive money depending on the cash and the number of turns you bet.

9.2 - Russian roulette

In this game, you guess a number from 1 to 3. It costs $1,000,000 to play and you may win money or recruits.

10 - Bank

Just like in the real world, you have a bank account and petty cash. The money you use anywhere is the cash you have on you. However, keeping money in your pocket is risky. Another player can attack you and steal it, depositing part of it in the bank is not a bad idea.
You are able to put up to 20% of your money in the bank and you are allowed 3 transactions a day.

11 - Crews

Crews are like teams or groups of people. They can attack crew bosses, host meetings, and declare war to other crews.

11.1 - Joining a crew

To join a crew you must receive an Invitation from the crew. You can ask for a crew invite in the crew ads or ask players directly. To view your crew invitations go to Crew Invites in the Control panel.

11.2 - Creating a crew

Under the Crew submenu, click on Create Crew. Follow the instructions to create your crew. You cannot create a crew if you're already in one.

11.3 - Crew Bosses

The crew leader or a rank 1 member can attack each Crew Boss once a day: It takes $2,000,000,000 from the Crew bank. If you win, every member of your crew receives some recruits. Crew members can deposit some money in the crew bank. Crew bank money is used to increase the crew networth and to raid crew bosses but it cannot be withdrawn.

12 - Medals

At the end of each round, 8 different medals are given to the leaders.

   >>    Ultimate Medal
   >>    Medal of Honor
   >>    War Hero Medal
   >>    Elite Medal
   >>    Veteran's Medal
   >>    Gold Medal
   >>    Silver Medal
   >>    Bronze Medal

13 - Game rules

    1. Multiple Accounts
Only one account per person is allowed. Account sharing counts as multiple accounts and is therefore forbidden. Account trading is not allowed. If you decide to quit the game, just contact the admin to disable your account; don't try to trade your account. Multiple accounts result in an immediate ban of all involved accounts. Only one account should be used per computer to ensure compliance with this rule.

    2. Spam
Spamming is simply the sending of irrelevant messages in the game. We are really strict about spammers: do not post any link to other games and post only crew related topics in the crew ads section. Anyone found spamming, sending or posting any kind of messages that harm the game will be immediately banned.

    3. Harassment and racism
Racism includes posts that attack others based on their race, religion or nationality. Public harassment of fellow players will result in an immediate ban.

    4. Player and crew profiles
These include names, descriptions and pictures of players and crews. They should not contain any unsuitable material such as obscene, racist, abusive, threatening, or pornographic content. The crew leader is fully responsible for all information found in the crew profile page.

    5. Selling tips or protection
Asking other players money or turns in exchange for tips or protection is not permitted.

    6. Automated Scripts
The use of any automated scripts that access the game servers for any reason is strictly forbidden.

    7. Bugs
Any bugs/errors found should be reported immediately to the admin. Exploiting them and taking an unfair advantage will result in an immediate ban.

    8. Warnings
Two warnings of any kind automatically results in a ban. However, warnings do not have to be given prior to a ban.

Some obvious rules were not mentioned here. We will not accept the excuse "It was not in the game rules", you should use common sense before taking any action.

14 - Support

If you need technical support please contact our Customer Service by sending a support ticket in the Support section of the control panel or an E-mail to the admin.

Anyone who pretends to be a moderator but is not will be permanently banned.



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