Welcome to Combat Grounds!

This is a text-based multiplayer strategy game for those who want to jump into a world of politics and dominate the battlefield through words and strength.

At Combat Grounds you can become a Navy Seal, a Soldier, or a Terrorist. Where is the enemy? Who are your allies? In an environment where the only certainty you have is yourself, can you survive?

There are several ways to fight, and many strategies to win. Choose your method of approach, find your target, and then attack at the most opportune moment. Win and enjoy the spoils of your victory, or go home in a body bag. Steal your opponents' money and destroy their army, but choose your enemies wisely because they can do the same to you. There are many weapons you can purchase to further enhance your character and dominate stronger adversaries. You can band together with other players and form a crew, from there you can go to war with another crew, make peace, or simply hate them. If you don't like stealing money, that's fine too, try your luck at the Casino, Nuke countries, Missions... The options are endless but always watch your back and plan ahead, or it's you that will become the prey.

Experience the game at blazing speeds! No downloads! Nothing to install! And best of all, it's FREE to play!

You can win fantastic prizes just by playing and having a great time: Combatgrounds.com offers a cash prize each round to the best supporter (player buying turns and/or subscribing), extra turns for the runner-up and the best crew.

This game offers excitement, fun, action, entertainment, and best of all you can play for free. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and join us on the Combat Grounds!

The Combat Grounds Team.